Filming in Qatar

The magic of Arabian souks or the immensity of dunes make filming in Qatar appealing. Many filmmakers come to discover the rich potential this oriental pearl has. The ancient-modern contrast and the unique cultural mix make it a must-film. On top of impressive backdrops, access to experienced crew increases its appeal. Do not miss any opportunity that comes your way. Collaborate with a top production fixer in Qatar like us and enjoy the ultimate support. From film permits to equipment rental or translation, our wide-ranging portfolio covers everything. Contact us today and let’s talk more about filming in Qatar!

Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Qatar

The charm of filming in Qatar comes from more than just the mysterious oud scent embracing the souks. All your senses get revived while shooting in this highly developed country. You witness incredible landscapes, from golden dunes to futuristic architecture. The Singing Sand Dunes will leave you in awe, as you listen to their whispers. The sensation of touching an old carved door or a hand-woven rug will linger on your fingertips for a while. Going through such mesmerizing experiences, a filmmaker may want to get them on film. To capture the true essence of this country, we recommend you take your mind off stressful tasks. And for that, there is no better way than to rely on our production assistance.

For a documentary or a commercial production, count on us to get you access to local resources. With our location scout manager’s guidance, you get to explore scenic spots all across the country. Find the most telegenic angle for Doha’s skyscrapers or any chosen location. Allow us to ensure you have all the film permit approvals, to avoid any delays from the program. Our production assistance is the key to a stress-free experience of filming in Qatar. Get in touch today!

Getting Film Permits In Qatar

If your plans for the future include filming in Qatar, you may want to get the film permits done first. Some may say that your peace of mind can depend on that. And of course, you must allow plenty of time for your application to get processed.

The good news is that for a wide range of public locations, film permits are free of charge. Yet having to spend time waiting for a series of approvals is neither productive nor fun. We recommend that before recording, you try to get a clear idea of the bureaucracy. Or you just skip such a dull task. Fixer Qatar knows the drill and can advise you accordingly, so you save time and energy.

To get your film permit, you need to apply to the Qatar News Agency. The standard processing time for basic applications varies from 3 to 15 days. Any production that does not impact traffic or harm communities is easily approved. It can take up to a month to get approval for larger-scale productions. To know all the regulations for a specific location, get in touch with us. Fixer Qatar has the answers to all your filming concerns.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Qatar

The Doha Film Institute (DFI) has offered a special grant for filmmakers in the past few years. This initiative, known as the DFI Fall Grant aims to attract more foreign productions. Any independent filmmaker or production company can try to apply. If you want to know more about the conditions to enter the program, drop us a message. With the help of an experienced production fixer like us, you know you will not miss out on opportunities. Allow us to guide you through all the formalities and ensure you meet all the requirements. 

Our main goal is to help any production company get access to the ultimate resources. Count on us to know all about tax rebates or incentives available for filming in Qatar. Shooting here can be a very rewarding experience, with the appropriate support. We can ensure things running smoothly on set for you. Contact us for details!

filming in Qatar