Film Permits & Locations

Qatar filming locations are unmissable and truly remarkable. If you want to explore the most scenic spots across the desert or by the sea, rely on our location scout manager. We are ready to assist you with every aspect of production, from day one of shooting. Our portfolio covers guidance with film permits, gear rental, crew hiring, and more. Trust us to know where to find the ultimate filming resources and the most convenient rates. We know the insights of filming in Qatar like the back of our hand. And we can negotiate for you with local providers. Let’s talk more!

Qatar Filming Locations – Khor Al Udeid

If you are looking to explore unmatchable backdrops, start with Qatar filming locations. Massive dunes and crystal-clear waters merge into an unexpected form here. Filming in the Khor Al Udaid region is easily accessible with the help of Fixer Qatar. Just 78 km south of Doha, this area is also known as the Inland Sea. The ever-changing dunes and gleaming water intertwine as in no other place. While in the morning, you can find a perfectly tranquil beach here, at night, the water recedes.

Allow us to help accommodate transportation, film permits, and any other filming resource. We are at your service and strive to fulfill all your needs, for a stress-free shooting session. As we understand production assistance is key, we dedicate our efforts to provide it. Keep your quality standards high. Get the support you deserve when filming in Qatar. Ready to work with a reliable fixer?

Qatar filming locations khor al udeid

Filming in Doha

Qatar filming locations cover more than endless sandy landscapes. If you take a look at the capital, the massive skyscrapers rising by the waterfront will take you to the future. For an ultra-modern, cutting-edge architecture kind of backdrop, filming in Doha is the answer. Luxury brand commercials or action movies, this city can accommodate any production. As the country’s main production hub, here is where you will find the majority of suppliers.

Pick the most adequate set for your production and leave the paperwork to us. We help you get the film permits in Qatar without breaking a sweat. And you know temperatures here can get pretty high, just as the skyscrapers. For post-apocalyptic scenery, check out the Al Wukair Scrapyard, found nearby Doha. Our location scout manager can show you the way around. Feel free to contact us to talk about filming in Qatar. We would love to help!

Qatar filming locations doha

Qatar Filming Locations – Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Cultural Village is a must-see and why not, shoot in, among the Qatar filming locations. It hosts a wide array of cultural events, including several film festivals. Art galleries, workshops merge with a stunning waterfront view, for a visually-appealing effect. The focus of everyone’s attention is, no doubt, the massive amphitheater. It simply stands out among all the surrounding monuments evoking traditional architecture.

If filming in Qatar sounds more and more attractive, give us a call. We will make sure you have everything ready to start rolling on time. The benefits of working with a local production company are not just for negotiating. Finding advantageous rates for gear rental, applying for film permits, all take time. So count on Fixer Qatar to give you a hand with these tedious tasks. When you cannot make up your mind for a backdrop, allow our location scout manager to assist. Let’s talk more!

film permits qatar katara cultural village

Filming in Zekreet Film City

This abandoned set can become your next stop among Qatar filming locations. The desert that covers the Zekreet peninsula has not only a unique geology but also a ghost town. Beyond the salt flats and plateau rocks, you will find a walled city built for filming purposes. While at the moment is it mostly deserted, the Zekreet Film City could be a match for your production.

The ancient life atmosphere can be fully revived here. With the help of an experienced film fixer in Qatar, you can use this unique spot for stunning footage. To get access to filming resources even in remote locations, count on us. Our location scout manager can guide you through the safest and most scenic routes. Capture a majestic sunset in the desert or a tribe-life scene. We can assist with getting film permits for any scenario. Drop us a message to talk about filming in Qatar!

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